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This bundle is a great kick start for weight loss, burning fat & toning muscles. Your stack includes a 15-day Ultra Herbal Cleanse and a 30-day supply of Burn 365.


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  • The FITLYFE STACK is incredibly effective at helping you burn fat with the addition of creating a healthy gut culture by detoxing. The supplement BURN 365 will give you more energy that will allow the body to burn more calories that will lead to weight loss. Next, adding the ULTRA HERBAL CLEANSE  to help the body rid the colons of excess waste will allow your stomach to have a flatter and more slimmer appearance. Therefore, by combining of both products, you now have the recipe for acquiring a “GREAT“  healthy looking body.

    • Aids In Weight- Loss
    • Flush Out Toxins
    • Increase Energy
    • Reduce Bloating
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